Implemented cases

With the worldwide shrinking oil reserves and worsening environmental pollution resulting from exhaust of traditional vehicles, NEV will record rapid development in the coming ten years and city bus will be the first choice for low-carbon, green travel. As NEV gradually replace traditional vehicles will become a trend, they promise huge market potential. Wanrun New Energy will provide users with high stable and efficient new-energy power assembly integrationsolutions.



In July 2015, Youxi Bus put into service 35 uints 10.5m deep hybrid dynamic buses. Presently, buses with Wanrun plug-in hybrid power system have been available in all the cities in Fujian. By July 2015, more than 200 systems were being put into operation.   


In March 2015, Ningde Public Transportation Company purchased 60 units electric Coaster of double opening doors version, which adopt our pure electric system, with driving motor of torque reach 700N.m high and 518.4V/120Ah battery, minimum power consumption can lower to 0.32kw.h/ km. 





In April 2015, ten units 10.5m plug-in deep hybrid power buses with Wanrun system were put into service by Jian’ou Public Transportation Company. After more than three months’ operation, the actual average gas consumption is 17.2kg/100km. Effective by our High Regenerative Braking System, fuel consumption rate of vehicle reach 39.8%. Our High Regenerative Braking System technology has won consistent great praise from the end users

In July 2015, Putian Bus put into service 36 units 8.5m electric buses. These Golden Dragon buses equipped with our pure electric power system, its’ vehicle comprehensive energy consumption management technology can better support clients to bring down route operation cost, also reflect our brand value.  





In October 2014, Jinjiang City took the lead in putting into service of 50 units plug-in hybrid buses which employ our plug-in hybrid power system.  


In 2014, Fuzhou City also played a leading role in adopting two electric demonstration operation lines which adopt our power assembly system. A total of 60 buses have been put into service in Bus No. 117 of Fuzhou Public Transportation Company and Bus No. 126 Kangchi of Fuzhou Kangchi Bus.